Laser/Advanced Therapy

Alabama Foot Institute is pleased to consistantly  offer the latest advanced technologies.

Go-Laser for the treatment of discolored and/or infected toenails, warts, skin growths and spider veins of the feet using the latest laser technology.  The tunable laser can be used for a variety of conditions including nail fungus. This safe and cost-effective treatment is the most advanced option available for skin and nail conditions. Now scheduling 5 days a week to meet your busy schedule.

Re Nu Nu Cel live Stem Cell, Hyaluroic Acid, and Growth Factor injection therapy derived from amniotic membrane and fluids.  This injection can provide healing and reduced inflammation to cases of plantar fascitiis , tendonitis, and degenerative joint disease of the foot in which other treatments may have failed.

This very exciting advance for foot treatment is different than traditional stem cell therapy because the cells are taken from amniotic fluid, which is extremely high in stem cell concentration and consists of extra-cellular matrix (ECM). The ECM, which is not present in PRP, is especially useful for cell migration and attachment and signals the body's own local cells to assist in the repair process.

The use of amniotic cells has been regulated by the FDA since 2003 and is considered safe and non-controversial since it is harvest at the time of cesarean. These ultra-concentrated stem cells are sterilized, tested for efficacy and then frozen for a very short time while being transported to us. Then it is simply injected into the damaged area under sterile technique in the office.

Grafix Wound Treatment is a foot ulcer treatment which is also derived from placental membrane. This wound membrane is full of active cells that reduce wound bed inflammation, promote healing and decrease scarring. Performed in the office this treatment option for hard to close wounds offers the latest therapy for our patients.  For more information click the link below or call our office.

Call us today for more information 205-599-5811 option 2.

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Vestavia Hills Podiatrist | Vestavia Hills Laser & Stem Cell  | AL | Alabama Foot Institute |


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